Cocoknits Sweater Workshop~a book review

coco Knits bookCoc CocoKnits book Review

by Jennifer Hughes:

It can be daunting to start a new knitting project – you never know if it will be quite right until the very end when you try it on. In Julie Weisenberger’s new book Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, she really takes the guess work out of the equation.

The 9 new patterns included in the book can be made with many suggested adaptations to customize them to your figure and style. With a very ingenious system Julie calls the Cocoknits Method, you’ll fill in a color-coded Worksheet with the quantity of stitches from your chosen pattern, making note of the increases and shaping rows, and then you can track your progress on the paper instead of reading the pattern over and over. If you also use her colored stitch markers, they’ll correspond to the guidelines on your worksheet.  And since the patterns are constructed to be made from the top down, you can try your sweater on as you progress and adjust everything along the way.

Julie’s use of the tailored shoulder makes each sweater fit so nicely! It looks more complicated than it is – when you see the step-by-step photos and read her instructions, the technique is explained thoroughly and makes sense when you’re knitting it. The results are a sophisticated looking finish that you may be surprised you can accomplish with seamless knitting – it’s not your grandma’s raglan!

Also included in the book is a “Flattering Fit and Style” section with recommendations on how to choose the right pattern for you and how details of what stitch you use or where you end your sleeves can make all the difference in how the final garment will look on you.

It’s so enjoyable to create something with your own two hands – or needles – and if you pick the right yarn and pattern, you’ll have a work of art that will last!

Jennifer Hughes comes from a long line of makers and has been knitting since she learned from her Mom at the age of 8. She may hold the land speed record for knitting in Berkeley, CA.

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