8 Things I Can Do on 8 Acres

This isn’t about knitting.  It isn’t about any crafty thing really.  It is me just putting out to the universe how fortunate I am.  My husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary in July (clap, clap, clap).  On the day of our anniversary, we signed papers to buy an 8-acre parcel of land in Mazama,WA.  Where is Mazama?  It is a three and a half hour drive northeast of Seattle (five and half in the winter when the main road is closed) . .over the mountains, through the woods, etc.  Mazama is the tiny little community in the Methow Valley where we were married.

You’ve seen the photos.



We now own eight acres about one mile from where these photos were taken.  Right.  Eight acres!  For some this might be small, but for a Seattle city girl, this seems huge!  Check it out.

img_4088 img_4159img_3958 img_3997 img_4181

Do you see all those mountains that want to be hiked in the summer and skied in the winter?  In a few years, we hope to be living in Mazama full time.  Once there, I may be packing your della Q Circular Knitting Needle Case or knitting bag in my ski or hiking clothes after a morning out on the trails.

For now, we will be staying at the inn (or our tent) until we build a house and a della Q studio (grin!).  Until Oprah discovers me, we won’t be building anytime soon. (Shameless plug. . .does anyone know Oprah?)

I’ve been thinking about what we are going to do with 8 acres. . .

One.  Soak my tired feet in the stream (yep – there’s a stream) after standing for eight hours at a yarn and fiber event.

Two.  Walk around the property saying “Can you hear me now?” on my cell phone when you try to reach me in the mountains.

Three.  Sun bathe naked.  That was my husbands suggestion.

Four.  Walk from acre to acre looking for Lucky in the tall grass.

Five.  Enjoy a glass of red wine watching the sun set after a day of hiking.

Six.  Roast marshmallows next to the campfire after a day of skiing.

Seven.  Dream about where we will build the della Q studio.

Eight. What do you think I should do on the property?  Share your thoughts!


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5 Responses to 8 Things I Can Do on 8 Acres

  1. Cathi Jones says:

    Host a knitting retreat!
    And congrats! 🎈🎊

  2. sylvia waters says:

    I also think a knitting retreat sounds super grand! We could yarn bomb, talk and knit, sip coffee all morning and wine all night, anything at all – except nude sunbathing – the yarn on our lap would make for odd patterns after a day of it!

  3. sylvia waters says:

    Beautiful wedding photos

  4. dellaq says:

    Thank you! Doesn’t everybody have beautiful wedding photos though?

  5. Zoe says:


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