Knitting Needle Case Giveaway from Webs. Yes, Again.

Those Webs folks are amazing.  They love to give things away.  They are almost like those people on street corners handing out coupons.  Except, they are giving away cool stuff like della Q knitting needle cases.  This month they are giving away our circular needle case in the Turquoise Vines cotton print.  I love this fabric.  Maybe it is because it is the iconic della Q colors?

della Q Circular Needle Case

Win the Turquoise Vines Circular Needle Case

How do you get your hands on this awesome case?  Comment on Webs blog and comment on our blog.  Tell us your favorite knitting saying.  One of my favorites is “Shh.  I’m counting.”

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118 Responses to “Knitting Needle Case Giveaway from Webs. Yes, Again.”

  1. Abigail Says:

    “Of course I didn’t buy MORE yarn…..” *looks sheepish*

  2. hotknitter Says:

    My fave knitting saying is, oh, so true (!) – “Just one more row.” Sometimes I fib a little, start a second row, then say that I’m almost done. My bad! Thanks for the drawing. I love your pretty cases.

  3. Nancy Says:

    “Let me just finish this row.”

  4. nina Says:

    Oooh, can’t wait to see all the replies to your question – bound to be some great sayings! My most common saying would probably be, “just one more row…”

  5. Faith Says:

    “Just let me finish this row….”

  6. Jennifer Says:

    In my little group, it is “I came, I saw, I Kitchenered!” :)

  7. regina Says:

    my favorite knitting saying is a little song my son sings when he watches me- to the tune of we wish you a merry christmas ” momma is knitting, momma is knitting, momma is knitting something. I don’t know what it is I dont know what it is, maybe it’s for me.”

  8. JulieM Says:

    Just let me finish this row! I know my family is used to hearing that one.

  9. Diane Says:

    One of my favorite sayings is from Elizabeth Zimmerman – about uninventing.

  10. Kamigaeru Says:

    That case would really come in handy to help contain my burgeoning circular collection! Favorite saying? “It’s not a mistake, it’s a design element!”

  11. Danielle Belpedio Says:

    “let me just finish this row.” My kids mouth along when I say it. :D

  12. Donna Morgan Says:

    So many projects, so little time!

  13. Jo-Ann Coles Says:

    So hard to narrow it down to one favorite! I came down to these two … ‘It takes balls to knit!” and “I knit so I don’t kill people!”

    I’ve been coveting a DellaQ circ case for a long time, just love them!

  14. Lindsay Says:

    I’m knitting Edmund the Easter Bunny using Rowan Revive and US 3 needles.

  15. Stephanie Says:

    One of my favorite sayings is “I knit, therefore I am warm!”

    Hope I’m the lucky winner!

  16. Lisa R. Says:

    What?! No comments yet? I love Della Q and already have the interchangeable case, and an Eden project bag. Looking forward to your booth at Stitches South this weekend.

    Although I’m really a mild-mannered person and wouldn’t even actually wear something with this on it, I’m always amused by, “I knit so I don’t kill people.”

  17. Geraldine Scott Says:

    Haha…I guess my favorite knitting saying is… ‘haste makes waste!’

  18. MishaMonet (on Twitter) Says:

    “Let me just finish this row.” My kids (2 and 5) know that I have to finish the row I’m on if they need me for something.

  19. Jessica Szerszynski Says:

    I am currently knitting Jared Flood’s Hemlock Ring Blanket as a memento of my recent marriage to my husband. :) I am using Knitpicks interchangeable needles and A custom green and gold wool yarn blend I made at Yarnia in Portland, OR ( I would LOVE to win this contest, since my circular needles are EVERYWHERE! Plus the case is sooo beautiful!

  20. Rita Says:

    But it feels so good!

  21. Rebecca Says:

    My favorite knitting saying? “I’m wearing the sweater (or socks or scarf, etc.) I just finished!” A close second is, “Wait till you see the yarn I got yesterday!”

  22. Diana Says:

    “Work keeps getting in the way of my knitting.”

  23. Patt Says:

    My favorite, I’m counting here!!

  24. Lynsey Says:

    I made this for you. You don’t have to wear it.

  25. Diana Says:

    Mine is probably something like, “If you make me drop another stitch, I’m going to come over there and …”

  26. Imladris Says:

    I’m making (in no real order of precedence): Jared Flood’s beautiful Shale Baby Blanket, out of Viking Milk yarn with 4mm circulars, a pair of self patterning socks in a yarn I forget the name of, with 3.25mm double points, a sweater for a friend that is long overdue for her birthday, from Vogue magazine out of hemp, on 3.75mm long straights, and a blanket from Philosopher’s wool, using Philosopher’s wool, using a variety of 5mm circulars and double points (knit in mitred squares). Oh and I think there’s another sweater in there somewhere, my own pattern, knit in the round with hand spun (not my own) on 6mm’s. (and I was given one of your cases for my double points this past Xmas and I LOVE it! – A circular case is on my list now too!)

  27. Michelle Says:

    I have two kids- and they know that when they ask a question while I’m knitting, I’m likely to answer, “Just let me finish this row!”

  28. Deb in CT Says:

    Love the color combination! I’m currently knitting several pairs of socks on Knitpicks Options fixed circulars, one in Imagination (red) and one in Tosh Sock (browns from Loopy Ewe sock club last year), as well as a cardigan of my own design also on circs in pink Baby Cashmere from Elann.

  29. Homemadeoriginals Says:

    I love the colors in this case. It’s a tie between plain old “happy knitting” and “easily distracted by knitting” seen on a t shirt.

  30. marci Says:

    Beautiful case! Not sure it’s my favorite, but the one I say most often must be “As soon as I finish this row!”

  31. marciepooh Says:

    Favorite knitting saying? hmm…I like ‘tink” and “frog” but I’m not sure they count as ‘sayings’. How about ‘you/she/he will grow into it”? (I hate swatching.)

  32. Linda Says:

    No, but I’ll teach you how to knit.

  33. Barbara Says:

    I definitely say, “I’m counting” a lot too, or just say the numbers out loud :) The thing I say most often is, “Just let me finish this row,” which of course turns into a few more rows!

    Beautiful case!

  34. Jen Says:

    purl-slip-knit, knit-slip-purl (the kitchener stitch mantra!)

  35. Judy Nay Says:

    My favorite is “Easily distracted by knitting.” So true.

  36. Brandie Says:

    My favorite saying is: “In a minute, honey, Mommy just needs to finish this row.” This is probably not my husband’s favorite comment though. :)

  37. Diane Tetreault Says:

    I’m knitting a simple pair of socks on Knitpicks nickle options with Sockotta. Many thanks for the contest!

  38. Dianne Says:

    My husband is probably very tired of hearing, “Just let me get to the end of the row.”

  39. Sharon Bailey Says:

    I’m currently knitting a Central Park Hoodie in Woolease.

  40. Lisa Says:

    My all time favorite phrase cannot be typed in mixed company, as it uses the ‘f’ word, so I will defer to my second favorite:
    Just a sec’ – let me finish this row. :-)

    Luckily, when I say this, it’s never been the last row of a circular shawl (yet).

  41. Meghean Says:

    MY FAV knitting saying….let me finish this row, i’m counting! hahaha

  42. Angela Says:

    Mine is a variation of that: “Shut up, I’m counting”. My husband travels for work and often calls me at night to check in and he ends up saying it to me as a hello before I even have a chance.

  43. Anna Says:

    I’m fond of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s use of the word “unventing”

  44. Cathy Says:

    I knit/crochet so I do not kill people. :)

  45. Lobug Says:

    “Just one more row!”

  46. Hannah S Says:

    This case looks great and would be a step up from the pastic bag I currently have all my circular needles in! I am currently knitting a baby hat (looks like an eggplant!) on 16 inch, #8 circular needle in Valley Yarns Superwash.

  47. Allison Says:

    “Oh, this is squishy…” :-)

  48. Cindy K Says:

    I knit so I don’t kill people…..again.

  49. Judymma Says:

    Would love to win the case as I have way too many needles just lying around.

  50. Laura Says:

    Love the needle case and the colors are totally me!

    My favorite saying is probably “yarn sale” but my most used saying would be “gah, i messed up again.”

  51. Sandy Bruel Says:

    My favorite saying is probably “Just one more row!”

  52. Susan K. Says:

    I love this case! Sooo cute!

  53. Francesca Says:

    As quoted by my son: “After I finish this row.”

  54. Kae Kelly Says:

    My favorite knitting saying is: “A stitch in time, saves nine.”

  55. Tamsyn Says:

    Currently working on six projects, my favorite is a beaded entrelac shawl that I am making up as I go. I’ve recently seen some wonderful DellaQ products and would love to win a needle case with such wonderful colors.

  56. linnet Says:

    “I just need to finish the row.” But my kids got me a button that said “be good, or I’ll felt you.”

  57. Sierra Pelona Says:

    “To save time, take time to check your gauge!”

  58. dizchik Says:

    one of my fave knitting sayings: “umm.. ok.. after this row…”

  59. Rachel Says:

    I have to go with “just one more row” – my family is heartily tired of hearing me say this

  60. Patsy Says:

    I’d love to win the circular needle case. My favorite knitting phrase would be “I finished my second sock!”

  61. cohmomto3 Says:

    “Let me finish this row”

  62. Bebe Says:

    I like, “Why, no, I don’t have too much yarn!”

  63. Debbie Says:

    My favorite knitting saying is, “hold on a sec, I have to finish this row”.
    Great giveaway

  64. Catherine Kimball Says:

    I am always saying “wait, let me get my knitting!” whenever we go anywhere – it is my security blanket! Love the Della Q products!

  65. karen Says:

    Love your products! THanks.

  66. lois Says:

    to the frog pond…….ribbit!

  67. Nabschan Says:

    My favorite knitting saying is “I knit so I don’t kill people”. How true. XD

  68. Michelle B Says:

    OH I love that case…I have been searching for a good way to store all my circs!!

  69. Darlene Says:

    I just counted my needle inventory on Ravelry and got up to 48 Addi’s!!!! I’ve acquired these over the past 15-20 years and use no other kind. Favorite saying: “swatch – what’s that”?

  70. Katrina Says:

    I have SO many I can’t choose just one!
    -”Your grandma knits too? Super!”
    -”Two knitting needles, lots of yarn, Housework can wait!”
    -”Knitting in meetings…because falling asleep is just rude.”
    -”Sticks & stones may break my bones BUT Sticks & string excite me”
    -”To knit or not to knit now that is just a silly question.”

  71. Elizabeth Says:

    Currently knitting socks using Three Irish Girls (Springvale sock yarn) in the delightful Irish Sea colorway using size 2 US needles. This is the first time I have tried this yarn and it is very nice.

  72. Elizabeth Says:

    Don’t really have a favorite knitting saying other than “Ooo, LOOK at this yarn!” Usually just before a purchase. :)

  73. Anisa Says:

    Just one more row!

  74. kristin Says:

    YO, slip, knit to end of row.

  75. Jimelle Beavers Says:

    My favorite saying is “Yes, I’ll do it…as soon as I finish this row.” It just seems as though everything happens when I’m half-way through a row. My second favorite saying is “Oh shoot…what did I just do?”

  76. Amber Says:

    oof. What I really say is not something that can be printed in polite company. But it’s something similar to “what on earth did I DO?!” :)

  77. Anita Sather Says:

    Knitting is finger jogging……so good for you! Love the Turquoise Vines Circular Needle Case….Turquoise is my birthstone. Love it.

  78. Anita Sather Says:

    Knitting is finger jogging….so good for you! Love the Turquoise Vines Circular Needle Case..Turquoise is my birthstone. Love it.

  79. Dawna Says:

    I love the circular needle case and I have been wanting one for quite some time. I would love to win it as a prize. My circs really need a good case!

  80. Sable Says:

    I think my favourite saying would be “which project do I feel like picking up?”

  81. Heather T. Says:

    At least one person in my knitting group says “Just one more row”, before we call it a day. But we’re also quite fond of saying “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die and go to heaven on this cloud”. (btw- I love your products! I’ve purchased them as gifts for others, but have yet to buy one for myself).

  82. Kim Says:

    Just let me finish this row…

  83. Roberta Ballard Says:

    My favorite quote is “let me finish this row”.

  84. Shenoka Says:

    My favorite knitting saying is “I’m doing Magic Loop.”

  85. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful! I just love this bag. Fingers crossed!!!!

  86. Sally Ann Miller Says:

    One of my favorite sayings comes from a bumper sticker: “My psychiatrist told me to knit if I ever felt like killing, again.”

  87. Caitlin Says:

    I’m knitting the reversible brioche cable scarf pattern on ravelry out of plum colored Ella Rae extrafine merino heathers, worsted weight, on my Addi clicks! Love every stitch.

  88. Maryjo Says:

    hope this is the right place to post for the needle case – and thanks! I’ve also posted on the Webs site.

    My favorite saying, cribbed from a friend: “I used to read. Now I knit.”

  89. Tora Consolo Says:

    I love the one that goes: I knit so I don’t kill people”! So true!

  90. tinyknits Says:

    “I will…when I finish this row.”

  91. Megan Says:

    I am constantly answering requests with “at the end of this row” rather than “in a minute”. It is most entertaining when I say it and I’m not even knitting at the time.

  92. Debbie H Says:

    Mine is – Just one more row! Debbie in alaska

  93. kathy Says:

    It’ll look great after it’s blocked!

  94. Adrienne Says:

    “Just let me get to the end of this row…”

  95. AnneS Says:

    “Where’s my other double point needle?”

  96. Bev Says:

    Just one more row or I have to finish this row.

  97. Linda Says:

    Webs said to post a comment here, too, to win the wonderful circular needle case … I’m knitting a stash-minimizing pair of socks with Addi circs size US 3 (16″ and 24″) and miscellaneous yarns … my favorite is the schoeller & stahl fortissima alpaka … soft!!!

  98. Joan Says:

    “Can it wait until I finish this row?” ;)

  99. Pauline Storum Says:

    I knit – it’s cheaper than therapy!

  100. Ginny Says:

    I love that fabric too. My favorite or often used comment to my husband is “but it is almost impossible to have too much yarn ( or needles) because one never has the right color or weight and those double pointed needles like to hide.” You can imagine the different takes this has!

  101. Lynn Says:

    Oh, my heart … where did the marker go????

  102. MimiFan Says:

    Honey, can you pause it for a second? I’m concentrating.

  103. LemonTangos Says:

    Two things on the needles right now:
    1) Susan B. Anderson’s “Rabbit” with some inexpensive, Michael’s brand, Loops ‘N Threads yarn in white, with equally inexpensive Lion Brand size 5 double pointed needles. This is my first attempt at a toy and will hopefully be my niece’s Easter bunny.

    2) The mittens master pattern from “Teach Yourself Visually Knitting” by Sharon Turner with some lush Madelinetosh sport in Mansfield’s Garden Party with size 7 DPNs. It’s my first pair of mittens ever, so I’m starting off slow…

  104. LemonTangos Says:

    Also…my favorite knitting say: “Argh! I lost count.”

  105. trhfox Says:

    I knit so I don’t kill people . . . . Love those cases!

  106. Erica Says:

    Hmmm…my favorite knitting saying? This week, it’s “After the zombie apocalypse, I’LL have a useful skill, but YOU’LL just be food….”

  107. Laura Says:

    One of my favorite knitting sayings is “Drat. If I could count to 7 I’d be dangerous.”

  108. David Says:

    I’m frequently known to say “Wait!….” and then never start talking again while knitting. but i’ve said more than my fair share of “just one more row!”s :)

  109. Melissa Says:

    Way cooler case than what I’m currently using. Or, as I like to say: Needle envy!

  110. stashmuffin Says:

    Just a minute — I need to get to the end of the row.
    (husband: Isn’t it a circular pattern?
    me: Oh, shut up!)

  111. Deb Weissman Says:

    My favorite knitting saying is “I’d rather be knitting” than doing almost anything else

  112. Joanne G Says:

    Beautiful case! One of my favorite knitting sayings, “hold on, let me just get to the end of this row (or round)”

  113. halley Says:

    favorite saying…”wait, wait I just dropped a stich”

  114. Jennifer Says:

    Favorite saying…hmmmm. Probably “Don’t leave the house without your knitting!”

  115. Marjorie Dewey Says:

    I am knitting a Traditional Danish Tie-Shawl with Valley Yarns-Stockbridge on Addi Turbo circulars size 9 and Infatuation Socks with SWTC Treisur on Kollage Square double pointed size 1.

  116. GinkgoKnits Says:

    I don’t have a favorite saying unfortunately. I frequently am saying, “don’t touch that!” to my dog when he sniffs my yarn. He’s pretty good at leaving it alone but if it rolls on the floor or has a super sheepy smell, his curiosity can get the better of him. I can’t blame him given my low resistance to touching all the yarn in my LYS.

  117. Jaimie Says:

    “Just wait until….
    …I finish this row.”
    …fix this screw up.”
    …turn this heel.”
    and the list goes on and on!

  118. Fran Rickenbach Says:

    I don’t have a big stash… really!

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