della Q Natural Collection: Knitting Needle Cases

August 19th, 2014 by dellaq

There is something about a vintage look that I love.  Maybe it reminds me of my grandmother and her kitchen.  Whatever the reason, I wanted to develop something that was a bit more simple than the signature della Q collection in it’s vibrant colors.

I started with un-dyed cotton.  In addition, I wanted to find a closure that was less feminine than my standard tie closure.  Thanks to Takako at Habu Textiles, she suggested the button and string.  Do you remember when your interoffice mail came in those brown envelopes with a red button and string closure?  What a fantastic idea!  Somehow it seems more fun to wrap a string around a button than tie a bow.

Natural Button Close Up with Logo2 Rotate

When I was sharing my thoughts about the proposed new collection with Franklin Habit, he suggested the pop of color for the button.  Again, another great suggestion from an industry leader.

The next important item I wanted to tackle was the size labels.  I wanted an option different than the sewn in size tags.  I emailed my supplier to see if she could print directly on the fabric.  The answer was “yes!”  I was thrilled.  I enjoyed finding a vintage typewriter font while eating my lunch one day.  (I often do my Google research projects while eating lunch.)

One would think that printing the labels on the fabric would be easier than sewing each individual label.  Apparently, not.  The sewing process becomes more complicated as the fabric needs to be cut into it’s components for each style, then the piece requiring the printing is sent out to the printer.  Once the printing is complete, then the components are reassembled and sewn.  Hence, the Natural Collection needle cases are more expensive than my signature needle cases.

Printing Close Up-NLG


As of today, the collection includes the following cases:

Tri-Fold Circular Needle Case

Double Point Roll

Interchangeable Case

Double Interchangeable Case

DPN and Circular Case

Tell me what you think. . .should I add to the collection?



Poof! And There Went Two Years!

June 13th, 2014 by dellaq

Well, I’m not quite sure what happened.  How is it that it has been more than two years since I last posted?  It started with technology issues (that is usually the start of most downfalls!), losing a staff person, a crazy travel schedule and then simply not being able to do it all.

I have fixed most of the technology issues.  I think I spent at least a full eight hours on hold with various hosting, technology and service companies to figure out why my blog wasn’t working.  What do you do when you are on hold?  I packed orders, tweaked language on the website and was tempted to file my nails.  There are still a few technology issues – don’t mind the various missing photos from previous posts.

My travel schedule has calmed down.  I still can’t do it all, but I’m going to at least make an attempt to Wag More and Bark Less on the blog.


Updated Photo of Wallet Size Interchangeable Needle Case

February 7th, 2012 by dellaq

Shown with the new Knitter’s Pride needles.



Messenger Knitting Bag

August 3rd, 2011 by dellaq

Molly Messenger Knitting Bag Inside

Molly Messenger Knitting Bag does it all.  Why you’ll love this bag:

  • You can leave it on the floor and not worry about damaging the fabric – The primary fabric is a black cotton canvas.
  • Save your shoulder – Light weight (unless you pack too much!) and adjustable, padded shoulder strap.  The strap is long enough that you can wear the bag across your body.
  • You can easily find your yarn or pattern – Tons of pockets and vivid, coordinating solid interior colors -e.g. it isn’t black inside!
  • You won’t fumble trying to pick up the bag as it has a separate, comfortable grab and go handle at the top.
Molly Messenger Bag Outside

Outside of Molly Messenger Bag

Pockets Include:

  • One main larger interior pocket – enough room for a large laptop (ipad shown in photo), books and knitting – it is 6″ deep, 11″ high and 18″ wide.  That said, it isn’t so big you feel like you are hauling a suitcase.
  • Two side vertical pockets – water bottle and/or skein storage.  Each pocket could hold three to four skeins of yarn.
  • Two separate pattern/notions pockets.
  • One zip pocket on front, under flap.
  • One large zip pocket on back of bag.

What else do you need in a messenger bag?

Shop for Molly now.
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Wallet Size Interchangeable Needle Case

May 11th, 2011 by dellaq

Ta da!  A wallet size interchangeable needle case with numbered pockets.  We redesigned our interchangeable case to include the following benefits:

  • pocket widths to securely hold tips
  • small pockets tame unwieldily cords
  • includes 15 dual numbered pockets and five unnumbered pockets for tips
  • zip pocket stores connectors and tools
  • four-fold design compactly closes for easy transport
della Q Interchangeable Needle Case

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case

Note:  I have small hands.  I am only 5′ 1″ (on a good day)

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case Side View

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case Side View

Closed: 4″ w x 7.25″ h

Open: 15″ x 7.25″

Thickness:  1.75″

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case Open

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case Open

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case Partially Folded

della Q Interchangeable Needle Case Partially Folded

Perfect, right?  Oh, you have two sets of interchangeable needles?  Good for you.  Check out the Double Interchangeable Needle Case.

della Q Double Interchangeable Needle Case

It is still quite compact.  It is only 4 inches thick when full and 7.25″ high.

della Q Double Interchangeable Case

della Q Double Interchangeable Case

Check out how the sizes on the top are from small to large and from large to small on the bottom to avoid bulkiness on one side of the case.

Color options include:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Ocean
  • Brown
  • Seafoam
  • Purple

Need one?  Want one?  Patience, grasshopper.  They will ship in late September 2011.  But!  You can pre-order yours now to ensure you are one of the first grasshoppers to own one.

Preorder the Interchangeable Case

Preorder the DOUBLE Interchangeable Case


Mother’s Day Giveaway – della Q and Be Sweet

April 29th, 2011 by dellaq
della Q and Be Sweet

Mother's Day Giveaway

We love Be Sweet yarn, we know you do too.

Like us and Be Sweet on Facebook and you could win 1) Three balls of Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair + Sonoma Fine Scarves Pattern from Be Sweet and 2) Circular Needle Case + Travel Wallet + Project Bag from della Q.  You must be a fan of both Be Sweet and della Q to win.

Winner will be selected on Monday, May 9th.  Hit that “like” button.

Facebook Image

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Yarn Store Tour: Knitty City – New York City, NY

April 25th, 2011 by dellaq
Knitty City Store Front

Knitty City Store Front

Knitty City
208 West 79th Street, NYC 10024
Owner:  Pearl Chin

Knitty City Interior

Knitty City Interior

Most unique product in your store: “Keep Calm & Carry Yarn” bags by Jennie G

Three words to describe your store atmosphere: Fun, comfortable, congenial

Top knitting tip: Try to spend 15 minutes a day knitting

Knitty City Sweater

Knitty City Sweater

Interesting anecdote about your city/town: New York is the Big Apple. Need I say more.

Basis for your store name: Daugher Julie thought “Knitty City”. Perfect!

Favorite store fixture: Orange Knitty City Banner

Knitty City Banner

Favorite della Q product: The Que is the best.

Approximate number skeins in store: My husband doesn’t need to know!

Knitting is like: Nirvana on earth.

Why customers love your store: “I love this yarn shop!!!!!!  All of the employees are friendly and very helpful. You always receive a warm welcome when you step through the door. I actually like the lay out of the store, it’ neither big or small, just right.  There’s enough room to  walk around or stand in place to stare at the mesmerizing colors  and textures on display.”  Michele F.

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Knitting Needle Case Giveaway from Webs. Yes, Again.

April 13th, 2011 by dellaq

Those Webs folks are amazing.  They love to give things away.  They are almost like those people on street corners handing out coupons.  Except, they are giving away cool stuff like della Q knitting needle cases.  This month they are giving away our circular needle case in the Turquoise Vines cotton print.  I love this fabric.  Maybe it is because it is the iconic della Q colors?

della Q Circular Needle Case

Win the Turquoise Vines Circular Needle Case

How do you get your hands on this awesome case?  Comment on Webs blog and comment on our blog.  Tell us your favorite knitting saying.  One of my favorites is “Shh.  I’m counting.”

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Sample and Studio Sale – Needle Cases, Bags and Fabric – April 9th and 10th

March 31st, 2011 by dellaq
della Q Headquarters

della Q Headquarters at The Original Rainier Bottling Plant

Join us April 9th and 10th at our new location in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

It is time for the annual sample sale at della Q!  And lucky you, we are hosting it the same weekend as the Georgetown Art Walk.

Items available:

  • Needle case samples
  • A few bag samples
  • Silk taffeta yardage and fat quarters
  • Silk quilt kits

Expect great prices on everything.  Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover accepted.

Saturday:  10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Art Walk from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.)
Sunday:  10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Have you been to Georgetown?  Come to the sale and spend time checking out Georgetown including:

  • Stellar Pizza (right across the street from us!)
  • Ruby Chow Park – lay in the grass and watch planes land at Boeing Field just a few hundred feet above you (fantastic for kids!)
  • Packaging Specialties – for those who simply cannot have too much ribbon
  • Georgetown Brewery – free tastings!
  • Museum of Flight
  • Costco in Sodo – for those who need to multi-task with running errands
  • Mariners – drop the hubby off and wander around Georgetown
  • Art Walk – enjoy music and art from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

5628 Airport Way S.
Suite 108
Seattle, WA 98108

View Map

della Q Needle Cases + Bags + Textiles + Sale

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Sheep Stitch Markers

March 3rd, 2011 by dellaq

One our customers from Michigan sent the della Q crew a gift a couple of weeks ago.  We LOVE gifts!  Who doesn’t?  Thanks Sabine.

First, Lucky received yummy peanut butter dog treats.  Well, I don’t know if they are yummy, but she thinks they are delish.  Mattie steals them from Lucky so I guess she thinks they are delish as well.  The treats were homemade by her husband.  She sent the recipe, but given the overuse of recipes as blog content, I won’t bore you with it.  If you want the recipe, email us.

The best gift?  These totally cute handmade stitch markers. . .

Zima's Little Flock Stitch Markers

Zima's Little Flock Stitch Markers

Don’t they make you giggle?  Look again.

Sheep Face

Hand Painted Sheep Face

See what I mean?  Bobbie is beside herself.  I think she is going to find a knitting project that requires 30 stitch markers just so she can look at them all.

Sabine, the artist, makes each marker by hand.  Each sheep is made with clay and weighed to perfect proportions.  Jewelry wire ensures no marks are left in your knitting.  She calls the collection “Zima’s Little Flock” after her first sheep dog.  Do you want to own the flock?  Better get a flock before Bobbie takes them all.  Get a flock.

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