della Q Spring 2016 Collection


For those familiar with della Q, you know that this is the time that you can pre-order the new Spring collection.  Twice per year, I introduce two new cotton prints that are offered in my most popular cases to store your knitting needles and bags for your knitting storage.

Austin is one of our two cotton prints for the season.  It is PURPLE.  Right, I know, on some screens it looks blue.  Get over it.  It is PURPLE.  First, you will love it because it is PURPLE and second, do you see the cool yarn like print?  Yep, two for one.  Knitters love yarn and purple.


Trenton is our second cotton print.  Not, second because of popularity, but because I found it after Austin.  This is more my style; a bit more modern.  Turquoise with brown and orange (love or hate it as you will) bead like print.  If you are FB friend you will remember you helped me decide on the coordinating turquoise fabric.

Ok – so here’s the deal.  My mobile site SUCKS.  Blame my website vendor.  Or blame me because I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars or time to change to another vendor.  The mobile site doesn’t allow you to see the different images when you change the fabric choice.  If you really want to see the choices, go to the old fashioned computer and not your phone or tablet.  Alternatively, here is the short cut:

Austin = Purple

Trenton = Turquoise + Brown/Orange

Ships in March.  Which is your favorite:  Austin or Trenton?

440-1071000px   440-1081000px


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Easy as 1-2-3…Really!

Last week  Della announced a Pinterest contest .  Two lucky pinners will win a $100 worth of della Q products of their choice.  Since there have been so many questions as to how one enters, we decided that a short explanation might be appreciated.

The contest runs through February 1st, so there is plenty of time for you to join in the fun.

All entries will be reviewed and judged on content and creativity.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Follow dellaQ on Pinterest
  2. Create a board called Why I need della Q
  3. Fill your board with pictures of why you need della Q including at least 3 images that reflect your personal favorite della Q products. Images can be used from Use the hashtags #dellaqspree #windellaq #dellaqbags
All entries previously entered will be included in this contest, in consideration of the confusion.

It’s that easy! Good luck and get pinning!



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How to Organize and Store Your Knitting Needles


First things first, I suggest organizing your knitting needles by type of needle. Separate your circulars from your double pointed (DPNs), from your straights (single pointed) and from your interchangeable tips.

Next sort your needle type by size. Put all of your fixed circulars size US 3 together and all of the fixed circulars US 4 together, etc. You get the idea.

Next do the same for all of your other types of needles. Sort all of your DPNs by size. Sort all of your straight needles by size and your interchangeable tips and cords by size.

This is a good point to assess your inventory. Are you missing any sizes? If so, keep a record so that you remember. How many times have you wanted to start a project and then realized you don’t have the right needle?  Right?  You thought for SURE you had it. If you don’t have a needle tracker to record your inventory grab our Ultimate Needle Inventory Tracker.

Next, find a storage system that allows you to store each type of needle separately. I know what you are going to say. “I want to store all of my needles together”. Sure, go ahead. That is called a “suitcase”.  If you store them all together, they are not very portable. What are you going to do when your knitting buddy asks you to meet her at the cool new knitting store. . . drag your suitcase? Wouldn’t it be easier to just grab something more portable? Honestly, how often do you really need all your needles at once anyway? Isn’t more likely that you need just your circulars or just your DPNs and a few notions?

The next question: Do you have a lot of one type of needle? If so, start there. Do you have mostly circulars? DPNs? Straights? Or maybe you have just a few of each.

Fixed Circulars

If you have mostly circular needles you will want to decide if you prefer to keep your cords straight rather than curled. If you prefer not to coil your cords, you will likely want to consider a case that allows you to hang your circulars. Our Hanging Circular Needle Case allows you to store US 000 to US 17 along with metric equivalents. You will notice that nearly all of our cases include labels for the needle size ALREADY SEWN into the case!  You want to be knitting, not sewing.  This type of storage is really meant for home storage. You can hang the case on closet rod, on the back of a door or in your living room as wall art.

If you prefer your circulars to be a bit more portable and f you don’t mind curling your circulars, we suggest storing all of your needles (wood, metal, etc.) by size. Look for something that allows you keep the needles compact and portable. Also consider the weight of the case or storage system itself. No need to lug around a 5 lb case before it is even full of needles! We offer two popular styles our Que Circular Needle Case and our Tri-Fold Circular Case. You can read more about the similarities and difference of these cases in our post on Comparing Circular Needle Cases.


What about those DPNs?

Ok, how many times have you looked for that fifth matching DPN? Right? So annoying. Think of how many rows you would have completed in that time you spent searching. You can hold them together with a rubber band. It works. Sort of. Just throwing them in a drawer is a bad idea. See my first point. Wouldn’t it be better to keep them sorted (AND labeled) by size? Speaking of size. . .can you actually read those numbers on the needles? I need the extra strong readers for those things! Anyway, consider storing your DPNs by size in our Double Point Roll. You can store up to two sets of needles by size in nice, neat rows. Right, and there are extra pockets in case you have a third (ahem, or fourth) set of size 5.158_107_Duo1000px

Straight Needles aka Single Points

I get that these buggers look fantastic in a vase. Again, you have to find two matching ones (e.g. lost knitting time). Well, maybe it doesn’t take any time because somehow ALL your needles are size 7. Darn! How is it that you keep buying the same size over, and over, and over?? Wouldn’t be great if you could see what sizes you had (and length)? Do what works for you but consider our Straight Needle Roll. Oh? You don’t use straights? Cool. I get it. Do you have your mother’s or grandmother’s knitting needles? I do. Super cool and nostalgic to keep them. Keep them safe.


Interchangeable Needles

Bummer! You just bought or received (lucky you!) your first set of interchangeable needles but it didn’t have a case. Why do you need a case? Well, play with your set for a couple of months and check back with me. First off, you have to keep track of the tips and now you have to add in the cords. Oh, your set came with a case? Does it have a space for your extra set of five’s you are going to buy?  ( You know you will). Anyway, totally sucks if you lose a tip or a cord. Store them in a case. A COMPACT one. Isn’t this why you bought interchangeables? To reduce the amount of stuff and amount of space you need? Check out our Interchangeable Case and Double Interchangeable Case. (Because we all know you don’t just have one set).


Just a Few of Each?

Perhaps you are a new knitter, someone who wants to take a subset of your needles or maybe you just stick to the necessary few.

Make sure it is secure and allows you to keep the various sizes of circulars, DPNs and straights separate.  What good is a tupperware bin or a drawer if you have to dig out your needle gauge and find all the matching DPNs in size 7?  Or worse yet, you squint to try and read those tiny numbers printed on the needles (if they haven’t rubbed off).  Annoying.  Let’s say you have now found four DPNs in size 7 and can’t find that #$&)#(*! 5th needle because whatever storage system you were using wasn’t secure and it fell out. Again.  Annoying.  Consider our Combo Needle Case.


Here’s the deal. Maybe you have the time to sort through your needles every time you want to start a new project. Maybe you don’t mind that part of “knitting”. But honestly, don’t you want to actually KNIT? Get your needles sorted! Then knit to your hearts content. . .

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8 Days until Christmas??


Last minute Shoppers!   Check out our You Tube Video Library and let us help

you choose the perfect gift for the knitter on your list!


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Annie Modesitt ~ teaches us more than knitting

Annie Modesitt picWho is Annie Modesitt?  Glad you asked.  Annie knits for a living. She has a blog. She writes about knitting. Annie teaches classes both online and in person. She is a partner at Modeknit Yarn. She has a wonderful sense of humor! She tells “I knit weird and people pay to see me do it.”  (How cool is that?) Designer, dyer and writer, just a glimpse into the world according to Annie!

Della: What song best describes your knitting?

Annie: Groovin’

Della: Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Why?

Annie: Wait, my parents WEREN’T celebrities? That’s not what THEY told me.
I guess I’d pick Brad & Angelina, I could just get lost in the crowd…

Della: If I  came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?

Annie: What do you  like? I’d probably make a simple salmon dish with rice and veg so we could spend time talking and knitting and not worrying about the dinner.

Della: If you were a knitting notion what  would you  choose to be?

Annie: I would be a stitch marker. I love them, I think they’re just about the most useful notions, and can be rather plain, or very dressed up. So I’d be a notion with options!

Della: Who has had the most influence in your life? In what way?

Annie: My husband. He’s the kindest person I’ve ever known, he’s funny and very intelligent and I’m the luckiest person in the world for having found him. (He heard me on the radio and wrote a letter to the show’s producer, who forwarded it to me, and after a few dates we were living together, then engaged, then married 9 months to the day after he heard me on the radio…)

Gerry’s made me a kinder and more thoughtful person. Wondering, “How would Gerry react to this thing I’m doing…?” has encouraged me to make better choices at times. I like to think I’ve had a similar effect on him, but you’d have to ask him. He’s certainly made me a happier person, a stronger and more patient person. Or maybe it’s the kids who’ve done that last…

(Della smiles)

Della: You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’ , what skill will you show off?  (singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc)

Annie: I would sing Big Band favorites. My secret desire is to be a jazz singer.

Della: Mountains or beach?

Annie: Mountains, every time. Or just a beautiful wooded lake. I burn like paper, so a beach is no good for me (except after sundown, for walks…)          Facebook          YouTube            Ravelry

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Sandra McIver gets in on the fun!

Sandra McIver had me at hello a few years ago when I saw her lovely designs at the TNNA Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio. Every one of the patterns in her book Knit Swirl are stunning.  Trust me, I saw them all!  (Yet another thing to add to my bucket list, knit them all!)

She did  her homework. It shows. Knitters everywhere sing her praises…so we knew you would like to meet her on a personal level.

Della: What song best describes your knitting?
Sandra: It’s a Wonderful World as sung by Louis Armstrong–because (at least most of the time) that’s how I feel when I’m knitting.

Della: Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Why?
Sandra: I think it would have been fascinating and enriching to have had Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman as parents. They seem to have been thoroughly wonderful people who found bliss in their love for each other throughout 50 years together and left great legacies in their films and in the work their foundation continues to do today.

Della: If I came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?
Sandra: Food from the ‘hood—grilled wild king salmon with herbs from my tiny little garden, and oven-roasted locally grown veggies dressed with some of California’s finest extra virgin olive oil. Dessert would probably be homemade lemon yogurt ice cream made with Straus Creamery yogurt and cream and Meyer lemons from my tree.
Della: What time is dinner?? (YUM)

Della: If you were a knitting notion what would you be?
Sandra: Oooohhhh—that’s tough. I’m a sucker for anything that falls into the knitting notion category. I guess I’d have to say a knitting bag because you can never have enough, and a new one never fails to put a smile on a knitter’s face.

Della: Who has had the most influence in your life? In what way?
Sandra: My grandmother. She was a force to be reckoned with at all times, despite living during a time when women just weren’t supposed to be that way.

Della: You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’, what skill will you show off?
Sandra: Nada, zippo—those sorts of skills, sadly, are not in my wheelhouse. I do have a standing order in for beautiful, pitch-perfect singing voice in my next life. I’m also going to be tall, have at least some athletic ability and straight legs.

Della: Mountains or beach?
Sandra: Happily, I don’t have to choose. We are oh, so lucky to live life atop a mountain ridge.

Thanks to Sandra! Your honest responses have us just swirling to knit one of those stunning designs of yours!!
And if you are not familiar with Sandra’s stunning one seam swirl jackets you need to check out her book Knit, Swirl.
Bet you can’t knit just one!


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Julie Hoover shares some stunning insights!

Just for fun we decided to get the inside scoop from some of your favorite knitting designers and authors.  Fiber artists are open and good sports, as you will see…

We asked a few quirky questions in hopes we might get to know these folks a little better.
Meet Julie: julie-headshot_xlarge
Julie Hoover, an Ann Arbor Michigan based designer agreed to share a little insight on how she ticks:
Della: What song best describes your knitting?
Julie: This isn’t a well-known song, but I’m going with Bob Schneider’s “Getting Better”… It’s a light-hearted love song, full of optimistic happy lyrics and just a great tune. Every design/project I work on, I get just a little better. (Listen here:
Della: Pick two celebrities to be your parents.  Why did you pick them?
Julie: Assuming this connection could even be made… I’d pick James Taylor for my father (imagine that gorgeous voice singing me to sleep every night) and Gloria Steinem for my mother (I don’t even know where to begin why, she’s just awesome).
 Della: If I came to you home for dinner, what would you serve?
Julie:  Depends on the season, but most likely pasta.  I’ve been smitten with my good friend Karen’s recipe lately:
Della: I you were a knitting notion, what would you choose to be?
Julie: Hmm, blocking wires.  They keep everything nice and straight, but they can be flexible too. (I can’t live without them.)
Della: Who has  had the most influence in your life?  In what way?
Julie:  I would have to give that honor to my husband, Eric. He keeps me grounded and is such a solid rock.  Can’t imagine a more wonderful father to my three boys.
Della: You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’, what skill will you show off?
Julie:  Ugh!  You couldn’t drag me onto “America’s Got Talent” alive!
Della: Mountains or Beach?
Julie:  That’s not fair.  Beach (as long as there’s some shade).
Julie’s  59 designs can be seen and purchased on the Ravelry website.  Other than making stylish and modern pieces for both men and women she is a “serious photo taker and gourmet food lover.”
Our thanks to Julie for playing along!
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della Q Esquire Collection Created for Male Knitters

We have added a few new styles to our Esquire Collection this fall.  The Esquire Collection was created for the male knitter or those who prefer a more tailored look for storing their knitting needles and hooks.  Learn more about the collection in our latest video.

See on the pieces at

Tell us:  Are you seeing more male knitters in your community?

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Cathy Carron / KnitCliks and One Skein Wonders


Cathy Carron is one busy lady! We caught her this spring just as she and fellow designer  Carolyn Noyes launched a news knit web site called  If you haven’t signed up, do it today!!  It’s awesome!  You will want to  see their insta-site yet too =‘knitcliks’. It’s really quite amazing.  Knitting permeates the world!

Cathy’s design work is also regularly published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Simple, Knit.1, Knitscene and the online magazine, Twist Collective.

She is the author of the popular One Skein Wonders: Designers, One Skein Wonder: Luxury Yarns, Cowlgirls along with many others.  Cathy’s  patterns are available on the Ravelry website.

Cathy has earned her way into the ever growing list of accomplished and talented designers.  We are  happy to share a bit of personal insight and think you will appreciate her candor and quick wit.

So here’s what we asked her ~

1. What song best describes your knitting?

Don’t Worry – Be Happy

2. Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Why?

Judi Dench – she’s creative, funny, smart, has warm sparkly
eyes & is feisty and her own woman.
Clint Eastwood – he’s no-nonsense, smart, creative, quiet
(a-man-of-few-words-but-they-mean something when said!)

3. If Della came to your house for dinner, what would you serve?

First, I’d ask Della what she can’t or doesn’t want to eat. Then I’d plan around that…in summer, grilled vegetables & fish or chicken & salad with a fruit pie (or fresh fruit with a wine reduction poured over – my fav) for dessert; during the winter, beef stew, biscuits & salad OR grilled black cod, mashed potatoes & spinach – some of my own favorite meals. I am a simple cook…my husband is the master ! (I do the baking).

4. If I was a knitting notion I would choose to be:

knitting notion: a tape measure – ‘like getting gauge right!

5.  Who has had the most influence in your life? In what way?

This would be like “splitting a child” for me….so I am going to punt and pick two: my mother – I could write a book! She’s taught me persistence, the importance of working hard, the love of education and to continually educate oneself. She’s a remarkable person who has not had the easiest life, lots of pain, lots of loss – but she continues to live the most positive and active life even @ 87 years this year. And equally, my husband! We are very, very different people – after 30 years I still sometimes wonder how we ever got together and remained together quite amicably (with two daughters to show for it!). He’s very quiet, very smart, with a sly sense of humor and an immense capacity for work of all kinds. By observing him, I have learned to be (somewhat) more patient, to pre-think & pre-plan, not to jump-the-gun, etc; to be calmer, to be a better listener. He’s my rock.

6. You are on ‘America’s Got Talent’ , what skill will you show off? (singing, dancing, magic tricks, etc)

If I could, I’d sing!….”Climb Every Mountain”…..

7. Mountains or beach?

Mountains – love the majesty…riding through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina years ago above the clouds, felt like heaven…I also enjoy living in the Litchfield Hills in Northwest, CT….

It’s been fun!  Thanks for joining the conversation.

You can follow Cathy at the following:








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Naming Your Knitting Bag

I am often asked how I come up with the names for my bags and cases.  Lena was the first bag I named.  She is close to my heart for that very reason.

Lena Knitting Bag

Lena Knitting Bag

In addition to naming the bags and cases I name the cotton fabric prints for each season.  BTW – I’m sure the big time designers have a research team and a science to naming their prints and styles.  Me?  Not so much.

How is this for reasoning?  First, name the bag, then name the fabric.  So each bag/case has a name (ok, mostly) and then the fabric that bag comes in also has a name.  Example:  Rosemary is the bag name.  The fabrics names are Purple, Seafoam, Market, etc.  My silk fabrics don’t change so Purple, Seafoam, etc. are pretty straight forward and don’t change. What changes twice per year are the cotton prints such as Market and Lane.

Vintage Girl Names

Who doesn’t love a vintage name?  This is the basis for naming my bags and cases.  Agnes, Nora, Millie, Cleo. . .and so on.  I do try not to have too many names with the same beginning letter.

Seattle and Portland Street Names

I’m a Seattle girl.  I love this city.  My limited edition cotton prints, which change twice per year, are named after Seattle city streets.  Market and Latona (Spring 2015 fabrics) are streets near my home.  My Eden cotton prints, which also change twice per year, are currently based upon Portland street names.  Irving is my favorite print from the current Fall 2015 season.

Irving Print in Eden Cotton Bags

Irving Print in Eden Cotton Bags

Washington Hikes and Peaks

My newest bags, Millie and Nora (bag names) come in cotton prints.  I used to be a mountain and rock climber.  Which means at my current age, I am simply a happy hiker.    The Millie is named after Washington mountain peaks (Tonga and Granite) and Nora is named after Washington trails (Beckler and Miller).

I wouldn’t blame you if you were totally confused by now!  If you are, just know that every style and fabric has a corresponding number.

This aside, do you name either your knitting bags or your projects like people name their cars?  Tell me, tell me. .



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